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FlowPoint Podcast #26: Matteo Luzzeri (The Professor) with some rapid fire answers

Matteo is back, dropping in on us from Italy, the night before he leaves for the Mediterranean Games on the Mediterranean Sea this weekend. It was nearly midnight when we started recording, so we tried to keep this one short and sweet.  Topics covered in this episode:

Mental Preparation:

-Matteo discusses 3 simple tips/tools that you can implement today, to improve your consistency and overall performance

New Skill Development:

-Matteo discusses some of the hurdles skiers encounter when trying to improve their skiing, as well as one simple approach that can help you get over whatever hurdle you may be currently facing.

Personal Success:

-Being a student, and ranked top 5 in the world as an overall athlete (slalom/trick/jump combined), The Professor shares his secret for success on the water when time demands are at their limit.

San Gervasio ProAm, July 6-8:

-Matteo talks about his upcoming ProAm in Italy, already in its 5th year, and some of the reasons for taking on such a challenge as well as what you can expect from the event this year. For more on the upcoming event, and for the live webcast during the event, check his website at: http://www.sangervasioproam.com