FlowPoint TV S5 E1: Paradise Lost

Collegiate Skiing may be the greatest community alive. FlowPoint TV finally takes an up close look at quite possibly the best part of Water Skiing. These guys and girls are passionate, dedicated, and know how to have some fun.

Big thanks to Bennetts Ski School for hosting the event, to all the volunteers and folks that have made collegiate water skiing a thing,….and to the teams and individuals that make this sport so badass!

Also, huge Congrats to Iowa State for winning the well deserved Spirit of Skiing award! You guys rock!


FlowPoint Podcast #23: MB talks with Sam Avaiusini of HO Skis

Sam Avaiusini is the point man at HO Skis, and is a guy with a lot of passion and drive. He and his wife just spent the last few days with me here at the Ridge, and I figured we should stick him in front of the camera for a few minutes.

ALSO, I’m heading to Collegiate Nationals this weekend at Bennetts, in Zachary Louisiana, so keep an eye out for that action…not sure when or where, but its coming….to a FlowPoint TV Episode near you…

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FlowPoint TV S4 E6: PATAGONIA Part 1 – We’re Just Like You

Yeah Summer just kinda slipped away a few days ago, and I know you all are probably in denial…but luckily, in the Southern Hemisphere, spring just sprung, and Summer is on its way! To celebrate, we are bringing you this story of Adventure Skiing and exploration straight from South America! Patagonia is one of the last true Wild places left on Earth. We figured there’s no better place to go to illustrate the naked truth that lies at the heart of FlowPointTV: no matter who you are, what you do, or how good you are at it, every single one of us has an equal chance to find the FlowPoint.

So get out there, kick off your shoes and jump in head first…you only get one try at life, and you’ve gotta make it count. As for us, we got lucky and pulled off the Adventure of a lifetime….and, fortunately, We’re just like you. So now you have no excuse. Go make it happen, and don’t forget to tell us all about it when you get back!

Big Thanks to HO Skis, Sperrys for getting behind this trip and providing the means and support to make it a reality….and to Augusto Claro for being determined and crazy enough to make this whole thing happen!


“Change The World Challenge” – Khari Mateen




I took a trip last weekend, to catch the Eclipse. It wasn’t the trip I had originally planned (15 hr drive through the night from California to Jackson Lake in Teton National Park, to water ski during the Eclipse). Instead, I ended up with family, in Corvallis Oregon….and I”m glad I did.

I made a promise to enjoy this event, as it happened, instead of focusing on trying to capture it with 12 different cameras. Without breaking that promise, I still brought 4 cameras and attempted to capture what I could.

This is the result…not really much to be proud of, but still kinda gives you a glimpse of what it was like to witness this event.

One of the most unexpected things about the eclipse, was how much light reaches Earth if even just a sliver of the Sun is showing….so, I’m sorry, but if you weren’t in the path of totality, you didn’t “really” experience the Eclipse.

And just like anything worthwhile in life, it doesn’t last very long. Its amazing how less than 2 min of the most insane natural phenomenon you’ve ever seen, can focus your attention and make you feel something you’ve never felt before…and give you an understanding that we are all part of the same whole, and that compassion and understanding have to triumph over hate and violence.

The whole neighborhood erupted like Earth had just won the Super Bowl or something.

One takeaway I had, was that the eclipse is kinda like life…the difference between good and incredible, is that last 1%

I would guess that most of the times that we fail at something, were were probably a lot closer to success than we thought.

Also, if you have a chance to see an eclipse in your lifetime, don’t let the opportunity pass. As pissed as you are right now about your social media feed being junked up with terrible eclipse pics and videos….I promise seeing the real thing is one experience you won’t regret.



FlowPoint TV S4 E5: US Water Ski Nationals & Night Jump

If you water ski, you are aware that every year, once a year, the best amateur and pro skiers in the country converge on 1 location, somewhere in the United States, to test their talents and push their limits for a chance to stand on the podium, in their division,…and a lucky few get to be crowned National Champions.

This year, the US Water Ski Nationals were in San Marcos, TX, at San Marcos River Ranch. It was the perfect location, for an epic week of competition, camaraderie, laughs and life lessons.

This year, like last year, Nationals included a pretty wicked Night Jump event to close out the week….the best jumpers in America, sending it 210 feet off a 6′ ramp! You don’t see that every day…

Sit back, relax, and take a look at what the best water skiers in the country do with their 1 chance!