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PandaHAUS – The Story Of Jan Hudec: FlowPointTV S3 E5

Jan Hudec has a history of being fast….some days, he’s been the fastest human on the planet, on skis. He’s won World Cup Titles at Lake Louise CAN and Chamonix FRA…as well as a podium finish in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, along side Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht. Aside from being talented on snow, Jan is also a really nice guy…and he’s found a calling to do more than just try to be the best in the world on skis.
Jan Hudec took his nickname (Panda), his passion (skiing) and pooled his resources to create PandaHAUS, a social media platform that connects like minded people across the Globe. Its a “social paradigm shift” as he calls it…..a way to connect, mentor and support developing athletes/individuals around the World, and get them the resources they need to continue chasing their dreams.
Last February, we followed Jan around Europe for a week, as he and his team launched PandaHAUS. We were able to get him to sit still (actually, standing was as close as we got to sitting…) just long enough to share a bit of his own personal history, and why he felt the need to start PandaHAUS.
Take a peek inside the mind of a change maker, and one of the nicest guys out there….then share and help spread the word about PandaHAUS!!
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More about Jan:
“Integrate” – Christopher Norman
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WaterSki Mag: In the spotlight w/MB

MB Feature Image-2

Got some love from Waterski Mag a little while back. Thankful to still be able to give back to the sport and community I love!

Waterski Mag: In the Spotlight with Marcus Brown

We called up legendary West Coast-style water skier Marcus Brown a few days ago to talk to him about his motivation behind the video FlowPoint, as well as the development and lifestyle of Freeride skiing. Brown has had significant influence on our sport over the years, from his West Coast skiing style to the new era of Freeride skiing and trying to expand our sport beyond the typical six-buoy course.

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A conversation with Corey Vaughn

Featured Image1

Corey Vaughn just completed a full pass at 10.25m, on a water ski, in a tournament.  He’s the 9th person in the World ever to have done that.  Its a very Elite group…6 of those 9 skiers have been World Record or Co-World Record holders at some point.

I first got to hang with Corey Vaughn in Acapulco at Ski Paradise about 6 or 7 years ago.  Back then, he was a long-haired hippy who was committed to his craft (slalom skiing), dedicated to taking care of and looking after his Grandfather (Grand Dad), and he was a humble competitor.

Today, his hair is short, his Grand Dad is no longer here, but despite the changes and his incredible performances this season….he’s still as humble and upstanding as ever.

I figured I’d give him a call and check in… here it is. Excuse the audio quality…he’s on his way home, driving his sweet ass RV from Florida back to Virginia.

…and unfortunately I didn’t catch the beginning of our call…so you’re going to have to deal with coming in 15 seconds late.  Sorry…

Corey, Grandad & Amelia
Throwback to Buoy Wonder, in Acapulco
Stoked on his Personal Best Performance at LaPoint Ski Park
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SkiTrav – The South African GoPro Guru

Featured Ski Trav

I’ve been following this kid from South Africa for some time now. He rides a Syndicate, posts something almost everyday, and is developing a pretty significant filmmaking skill.

So a week or so ago, when he came out with his latest summer edit, I knew it was gonna be something pretty cool.  He didn’t disappoint.

Keep your eye on this dude….he’s going places, and he’s not afraid to take you with him.


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9 Questions For MB

Bidwell Bar Bridge

Taken from, here’s 9 questions current Master Champion Will Asher ( threw at me a while back.

WA: If you weren’t skiing, you’d be…?
MB: Working at some Civil Engineering firm, solving differential equations by hand to figure out the reinforcement required for an inverted concrete T beam.
Or I’d be a snow chasing bum,… living in Van down by the river.

WA: Paleo way of life,…what’s it all about?
MB: Paleo or “Cave Man” diet is simply the way we (humans) are supposed to eat….the way we really ate, before agriculture and farming began. No grains (no more bread or pasta), legumes or refined sugars. Basically real food: Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts. Simple.

Wanna live longer?…feel better?…ski better? You probably should give it a try.

WA: Do you ski different on a Syndicate product vs. everything else?
MB: To keep things short and sweet, heck yes I ski different on Syn product. I ski better. My moves are better, I’m more balanced, and I’m more dynamic….all because the board on my feet is the best designed piece of carbon in existence. The first time I tried a Syndicate (reluctantly, due to all HO products I’d previously tried & failed on) not only did I ski better than I had on my stock ski…but I skied different. Things were happening that I’d never felt before…good things.

I never looked back.

WA: What’s the best part of Team Syndicate?
MB: Team Syndicate is so well rounded: It’s an idea factory, a grassroots movement and a product development team with more collective competition and R&D experience than any other team out there. Syndicate is pushing the limits of what’s possible, moving in new directions and reaching new heights. Just having a chance to be a part of that is an honor. I have ambitions & passions…fueled by successes and failures…that’s why I ski. Team Syndicate embodies the same ideals. It’s a perfect fit.

WA: Are you stronger than your girlfriend??
MB: Haha…funny, I’ve never heard that one before (jk)!! I hope so…! But who knows these days. She’s a BadA$$….you’ll be seeing more of her in the near future. Anyone ever heard of the CrossFit

Jenny at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games

Games? Keep your eyes open for Jenny LaBaw. AND, maybe we’ll organize a “battle of the sexes” brawl and put this nonsense to rest, once and for all.

P.S. – her nickname is “T2″…as in Terminator 2.

WA: MarcusBrown.TV, tell us a little about it, and when will it re-launch?
MB: When fall and winter comes, it gets cold. Cold = water freezing. That means no lake skiing. That doesn’t mean people forget about it. MarcusBrown.TV was an effort to give folks something during the ‘off’ months.

It was fun, having a live webshow…bringing on a new guest each week. Even had Team Syndicate on at one point!

Basically when we re-launch the webshow (hopefully soon after the new year), it should be legit. Guest experts, speakers, news, videos, stories, prize giveaways, etc… There will be something for everyone.

Keep it locked here to for news on the upcoming re-launch and MarcusBrown.TV updates!

WA: You started a new school way of thinking…West Coast Slalom. Where did it all start?
MB: Former world Champion, and friend, Mike Suyderhoud slapped some sense into Terry Winter and I when we were 16 & he said “boys, you could be good, real good…but it’s gonna take some work”. So we went to work. We hypothesized, tested, failed, tested, tweaked, tested, etc… At the end of it, we had a new approach to skiing.

West Coast Slalom was born.

At its roots, it’s an explanation of how to move. Everyone moves, whether they walk, jump, run, skate, board, bike or ski. The basics of movement, no matter what the sport, is almost all the same. We had cracked the code, and come up with a “movement for dummies”.

Try it…it’ll change your life.

WA: Tell us something we don’t know about you:
MB: I eat like a Caveman, The Universe fascinates me, working with wood is a passion, I drive a van…a really really big van & 75.8% of my life has been spent with hair shorter than a Mexican Hairless Chihuahua!

WA: I know people ask you this all the time…but how much do those dreads weigh?
MB: Dry Dreads = 1 lb, Wet Dreads = 6 lbs

Team Syndicate Rider & Ambassador, Marcus Brown