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FlowPoint TV S4 E6: PATAGONIA Part 1 – We’re Just Like You

Yeah Summer just kinda slipped away a few days ago, and I know you all are probably in denial…but luckily, in the Southern Hemisphere, spring just sprung, and Summer is on its way! To celebrate, we are bringing you this story of Adventure Skiing and exploration straight from South America! Patagonia is one of the last true Wild places left on Earth. We figured there’s no better place to go to illustrate the naked truth that lies at the heart of FlowPointTV: no matter who you are, what you do, or how good you are at it, every single one of us has an equal chance to find the FlowPoint.

So get out there, kick off your shoes and jump in head first…you only get one try at life, and you’ve gotta make it count. As for us, we got lucky and pulled off the Adventure of a lifetime….and, fortunately, We’re just like you. So now you have no excuse. Go make it happen, and don’t forget to tell us all about it when you get back!

Big Thanks to HO Skis, Sperrys for getting behind this trip and providing the means and support to make it a reality….and to Augusto Claro for being determined and crazy enough to make this whole thing happen!


“Change The World Challenge” – Khari Mateen



FlowPoint TV S4 E5: US Water Ski Nationals & Night Jump

If you water ski, you are aware that every year, once a year, the best amateur and pro skiers in the country converge on 1 location, somewhere in the United States, to test their talents and push their limits for a chance to stand on the podium, in their division,…and a lucky few get to be crowned National Champions.

This year, the US Water Ski Nationals were in San Marcos, TX, at San Marcos River Ranch. It was the perfect location, for an epic week of competition, camaraderie, laughs and life lessons.

This year, like last year, Nationals included a pretty wicked Night Jump event to close out the week….the best jumpers in America, sending it 210 feet off a 6′ ramp! You don’t see that every day…

Sit back, relax, and take a look at what the best water skiers in the country do with their 1 chance!



FlowPoint TV S4 E4: Syndicate Hilltop ProAm

FlowPointTV Season 4 Episode 4, the Hilltop ProAm, takes you to Marysville, WA for some unreal skiing by everyone involved, including Team Syndicate.

Riding the all new Syndicate Pro, 17 yr old Jaimee Bull ran 38 off all 4 rounds of the event, and finished with a top score of 2 at 39.5 off.

On the men’s side, Jon Travers, Nick Adams and Will Asher ran 39.5 off all 4 rounds of the event, plus additional rounds in the Head to Head final.

Will Asher finished with the top scores of the weekend, with a 4.5 and 5 at 41 off.

This was a community based event, with a lot of support from locals as well as folks traveling in from around North America. Thanks to all who made this event possible!



Every year, Memorial Day weekend brings the most prestigious tournament in waterskiing…The Masters at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia. This year was the 58th, and Team Syndicate showed up riding a brand new ski, the Syndicate Pro, and it landed 3 athletes in the finals.

Jaimee Bull, fresh off 2 consecutive Jr. Canadian National Records (2.5 and 3 @ 39.5 off) ended up winning the Jr. Womens division.

Jon Travers and Will Asher were 2 of the 4 finalists in the Pro Mens division….JT finished in 4th, and Willy in 2nd….amongst the highest performances Robin Lake has ever seen.

FlowPointTV was there, to capture the weekend….and now we’re here, delivering it straight to you.

Thanks for checkin it out, and share if you liked it!


FlowPointTV S4 E2: JT Holmes – The Ultimate Skier

If you tried to dream up the wildest craziest thing a human could ever do on skis, JT Holmes has probably already done it.

In this Part 1 of a two part series, we take you through the years of JT’s life starting at a 14 yr old snot-nosed kid with a mouth full of braces, and finishing with a 29 yr old pushing the limits of what was considered humanly possible.

Through the sport of water skiing, JT and I have become friends.  He grew up water skiing at High Sierra Water Ski School and has always made time in his off season to spend mornings on the water.  JT and Shane McConkey made an impression on my own life over the past decade, long before I ever knew JT.  Getting to tell a bit of JT’s story in a FlowPointTV episode, as well as share his passion for water skiing and lake life, was a rad opportunity.

I hope Part 1 of The Ultimate Skier helps a couple of you find a bit more stoke in your life, no matter where you are or what you are doing…




By StaG
Courtesy of Play + Record

“Two Guns”
By David A. Molina
Courtesy of MusicBed

“How Many Years”
By Clintongore
Courtesy of MusicBed

By StaG
Courtesy of Play + Record

“Skin of the Mountains Face”
By Startle The Heavens
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Special thanks to High Sierra Water Ski School and HO Skis
for helping to make this project a reality!


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FlowPointTV S4 E1: Day By Day – A Hawaiian Adventure

Our appetite for adventure is never filled. This is what led us to one of the most beautiful places in the world in search of clear water, blue skies and bright sunsets. See what it’s like to explore the waters of Oahu and Kauai on a waterski in the most epic Flowpoint TV episode to date. Our hope is that you find some inspiration in this story, and find a way to use it right now…today. It’s never too late to do something you never thought you could.


“Lethal Shot” – Generdyn :  http://generdynmusic.com
“Moon Bounce” – Gyom :  https://soundcloud.com/gyomdude
“Sunshine’s Gone” – Jeff Cormack :  http://www.playplusrecord.com
“Day By Day” – Khari Mateen :  http://www.kharimateenmusic.com


There are key moments in life, awakenings maybe….when the path that you are on has served its purpose…and you are left with a longing for something new…or different…or bigger….and sometimes you just gotta take a dive into the deep blue unknown…and just maybe, you end up finding a piece of whats been missing. This is one of those stories.

Now, there’s no rule book for planning a Hawaiian ski vacation, but we knew it was important to bring along the right crew. For starters, you need a few workhorses….guys who get it done, and ask questions later…. guys like Igor Morozov from Russia and Zack Worden Okahumpka Florida, 2 of the best water ski jumpers in the world. You need a manager, someone responsible enough to keep the train on the tracks. Of course any tropical trip wouldn’t be right without a good gaggle of girls to keep the manager on track, and to keep everyone from doing dumb stuff….and u need a few good cameramen, to be sure to capture it all. So we go now to the beginning…everyone arriving in Historic Honolulu as a team, for a well organized and planned week of adventure….Kinda. ”Ha!”

In keeping with the spirit of FlowPoint TV’s original mission, this trip to Hawaii was an attempt to remove some of the best skiers on Earth from the competition world….and re-aquant them with the recreational side of towed water sports. Its a lifestyle….and we came here to remind ourselves of that. But first, if you go somewhere with a course and a tournament ski boat, its mandatory to brush off the winter cobwebs by slaying some buoys. So thats what we did!

Well, one day down and it couldn’t have gone much better…. however, it was monday, and an old friend of mine once told me that one seventh of your life is spent on Monday….so we figured we weren’t done yet…and we knew where we had to go….the North Shore. What we didn’t know, was that a couple days later….One of the Surfing worlds most prestigious events, the Eddie, was going to take place for the first time in u years, and only the 9th time since its inception in 1985. It only happens when the waves are big enough…and on this particular monday, they were well on there way. Everybody could sense that something was about to go down.

Now, unfortunately we don’t surf like we ski….and besides, no one was in the water that day anyway. But we did get some salt on our lips and the setting sun on our face….what a magical place.

As the saying goes….keep your friends close, and your enemies?…..well, maybe its best just to talk at them, on twitter. So we kicked off day 2 by putting our phones down and gearing up for a day on the bay….Kaneohe Bay, that is. Matt’s good buddy, Parker, is the director of marketing for Holokai State Park and volunteered to be our tour guide for the day. Lucky us

And that’s pretty much how you do oahu….ahhhh except for the Eddie…which was definitely happening the very next day. At the airport, on the way to Kauai, people were arriving from all over the world, just in time for the event. I tried to rally the crew, but everyone wanted to stick with the plan. I guess its ok, I mean, you know what they say….if you don’t see the Eddie this year, you’ll probably be 30 or 40 years older when you do!

If you have less than 2 days on the island, There’s really only 1 right way to see Kauai….and thats staring at the back of Kenny’s Head,…here’s Kenny for more on his operation….

Last winter, when u were complaining about climate change….we changed our latitude and went somewhere that had the right amount of water at the perfect temperature.

This winter, because u are complaining about long lift lines and too much snow….we decided to finally drop this story on you, to remind you that the grass will always be greener….no matter how much the climate changes

So remember this: no matter where u are, it’s never too late to realize that’s the best place for you to be, on that day. And the best thing you can do, is to squeeze every drop out of life…day by day. We hope this story inspired you to go find some greener grass 5000 miles from land, in the middle of a giant sea overlooking the deepest blue water you’ve ever seen. Or, u could start by looking in your own back yard. I bet there’s some green in there somewhere….all you gotta do is look” ….Its like Warren Miller said…”the best place in the world to ski, is where you are skiing that day”

Mohalo….or…Aloha. Or Both.

Until next time…..

Special thanks to the Oahu Water Ski Club for the warm welcome and for spending a full day with us at their rad site!  Also, Parker at Holokai State Park…that day kicked ass!  And lastly, Kenny at Kauai Water Ski and Surf  for the unbelievable time and to Eric Botsford for getting us to the beach for an afternoon, and joining us on the Wailua River.

Also, HO Skis has been making FlowPointTV happen for 4 years now.  Can’t thank them enough for their generosity and vision, allowing me to help them reach out and give back to you guys out there, in all corners of the globe, that love the lake life!

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PandaHAUS – The Story Of Jan Hudec: FlowPointTV S3 E5

Jan Hudec has a history of being fast….some days, he’s been the fastest human on the planet, on skis. He’s won World Cup Titles at Lake Louise CAN and Chamonix FRA…as well as a podium finish in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, along side Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht. Aside from being talented on snow, Jan is also a really nice guy…and he’s found a calling to do more than just try to be the best in the world on skis.
Jan Hudec took his nickname (Panda), his passion (skiing) and pooled his resources to create PandaHAUS, a social media platform that connects like minded people across the Globe. Its a “social paradigm shift” as he calls it…..a way to connect, mentor and support developing athletes/individuals around the World, and get them the resources they need to continue chasing their dreams.
Last February, we followed Jan around Europe for a week, as he and his team launched PandaHAUS. We were able to get him to sit still (actually, standing was as close as we got to sitting…) just long enough to share a bit of his own personal history, and why he felt the need to start PandaHAUS.
Take a peek inside the mind of a change maker, and one of the nicest guys out there….then share and help spread the word about PandaHAUS!!
Download App:
More about Jan:
“Integrate” – Christopher Norman
FlowPointTVMasterCraft Throwdown


Its been 113 years since the Wright Brothers changed the game….when man first took flight. In today’s world, we’ve become so accustomed to flight, that we almost don’t even understand how insane it really is, traveling half way around the world in less than a day.

This story, however, has nothing to do with that kind of flight. There are people out there, in little known corners of the world, still perfecting the art of flight in a different form. Just last year, a new World Record was set for water ski jumping, when Freddy Krueger went the distance of a football field (312 feet), in the air….returning to a flat surface, no landing ramp required.

This summer, Freddy was back on form. In a small town, on a pond in the middle of Idaho farming country, under the friday night lights, Freddy and the best water ski jumpers in the United States put on a show that brought thousands to their feet.

Watching them fly through the night, jump after jump, reminds us just how insane these guys are. Luckily, we were there, capturing every moment.

Which means all you gotta do is click Play.

“I’m a wanted man” – Royal Deluxe


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SKITOBERFEST: Before And After The Storm – FlowPointTV S3 E3

California = outdoor activities. Inspired by the “Perfect Tahoe Day” adventure earlier in the summer, I set out on October 12th in search of snow….and water. Unfortunately, all my friends were mysteriously busy that day (or they were smarter than me and realized the snow was going to be shit) so it was a solo mission to Lassen National Park.

I planned to hike and ski from the peak…AND film drone selfies while skiing……no poles allowed.  At 10,463′ tall, Lassen is the southernmost Volcano in the Cascade Range. There had to be snow…I thought. The access was easy….there’s a parking lot you can drive to at 8,500′, so its only about 2,000′ vert to reach the top…

My friends were right. It was rough. There was a lot of walking…and a lot of lonely BS selfie vids. The best part was getting to come back to The Ridge and shred a few smooth turns on my Freeride as the sun was setting. Snow ski(kinda)/Water Ski in the same day…love NorCal.

Luckily, 8 days later (Oct 20th, after the Storm) I got a text at 9 pm. Travis Ganong (he’s pretty fast on two skis..) and Max Hammer (so is Max…) were heading up. I was gonna get redemption. Only 1 small problem: the road to the summit trailhead was now closed to vehicles. We were gonna have to ride bikes to reach the Mtn. 7 miles and 1,800′ later, we were on skis, heading up….

Because I had footage from before and after such a big storm, I played around with this story and footage to illustrate (in real time) the extreme transformation a mountain environment can undergo in just a couple days time. Hopefully no one’s face melts off from the action….

Filmed mostly with my iPhone and GoPro’s….didn’t have much time to organize and/or carry extra gear on these adventures.

Maybe next time I’ll bring a Llama and some real camera gear….

Gear Used:

DJI Osmo & Phantom 4

Sony RX100iv

GoPro Hero 4



South of France

“iStep” – Johnny Fiasco


TRIBE OF THE FUTURE: FlowPointTV Season 3 Episode 2


Well, here it is!  The new website is LIVE and launching with Episode 2 of FlowPointTV, already in its 3rd season.

Take a look around, and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, as well as this website.  There will be some changes coming in the near future, and some added features….so check back often!

On September 7th, 1927 a farm boy from Idaho named Philo Farnsworth, successfully demonstrated the first fully electronic television system…changing the world forever. He was 21. 

On Wednesday, September 7th, exactly 89 years later, we go back to Idaho and the birthplace of TV for another episode of FlowPointTV – “Tribe of the Future” – And we are hoping to successfully demonstrate the radness and importance of the next generation of humans, and how they have the ability to change the World…For the better.

Special Thanks to HO Skis, for continuing to sponsor and support FlowPointTV:  http://www.hosports.com

Check the new website, for articles, more episodes, and keep an eye out in the near future for podcasts of some of your favorite athletes and characters….and probably some people you never even heard of before:  http://www.TheFlowPoint.com