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A conversation with Corey Vaughn

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Corey Vaughn just completed a full pass at 10.25m, on a water ski, in a tournament.  He’s the 9th person in the World ever to have done that.  Its a very Elite group…6 of those 9 skiers have been World Record or Co-World Record holders at some point.

I first got to hang with Corey Vaughn in Acapulco at Ski Paradise about 6 or 7 years ago.  Back then, he was a long-haired hippy who was committed to his craft (slalom skiing), dedicated to taking care of and looking after his Grandfather (Grand Dad), and he was a humble competitor.

Today, his hair is short, his Grand Dad is no longer here, but despite the changes and his incredible performances this season….he’s still as humble and upstanding as ever.

I figured I’d give him a call and check in… here it is. Excuse the audio quality…he’s on his way home, driving his sweet ass RV from Florida back to Virginia.

…and unfortunately I didn’t catch the beginning of our call…so you’re going to have to deal with coming in 15 seconds late.  Sorry…

Corey, Grandad & Amelia
Throwback to Buoy Wonder, in Acapulco
Stoked on his Personal Best Performance at LaPoint Ski Park
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