FlowPointTV S4 E2: JT Holmes – The Ultimate Skier

If you tried to dream up the wildest craziest thing a human could ever do on skis, JT Holmes has probably already done it.

In this Part 1 of a two part series, we take you through the years of JT’s life starting at a 14 yr old snot-nosed kid with a mouth full of braces, and finishing with a 29 yr old pushing the limits of what was considered humanly possible.

Through the sport of water skiing, JT and I have become friends.  He grew up water skiing at High Sierra Water Ski School and has always made time in his off season to spend mornings on the water.  JT and Shane McConkey made an impression on my own life over the past decade, long before I ever knew JT.  Getting to tell a bit of JT’s story in a FlowPointTV episode, as well as share his passion for water skiing and lake life, was a rad opportunity.

I hope Part 1 of The Ultimate Skier helps a couple of you find a bit more stoke in your life, no matter where you are or what you are doing…




By StaG
Courtesy of Play + Record

“Two Guns”
By David A. Molina
Courtesy of MusicBed

“How Many Years”
By Clintongore
Courtesy of MusicBed

By StaG
Courtesy of Play + Record

“Skin of the Mountains Face”
By Startle The Heavens
Courtesy of MusicBed

Special thanks to High Sierra Water Ski School and HO Skis
for helping to make this project a reality!


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