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SKITOBERFEST: Before And After The Storm – FlowPointTV S3 E3

California = outdoor activities. Inspired by the “Perfect Tahoe Day” adventure earlier in the summer, I set out on October 12th in search of snow….and water. Unfortunately, all my friends were mysteriously busy that day (or they were smarter than me and realized the snow was going to be shit) so it was a solo mission to Lassen National Park.

I planned to hike and ski from the peak…AND film drone selfies while skiing……no poles allowed.  At 10,463′ tall, Lassen is the southernmost Volcano in the Cascade Range. There had to be snow…I thought. The access was easy….there’s a parking lot you can drive to at 8,500′, so its only about 2,000′ vert to reach the top…

My friends were right. It was rough. There was a lot of walking…and a lot of lonely BS selfie vids. The best part was getting to come back to The Ridge and shred a few smooth turns on my Freeride as the sun was setting. Snow ski(kinda)/Water Ski in the same day…love NorCal.

Luckily, 8 days later (Oct 20th, after the Storm) I got a text at 9 pm. Travis Ganong (he’s pretty fast on two skis..) and Max Hammer (so is Max…) were heading up. I was gonna get redemption. Only 1 small problem: the road to the summit trailhead was now closed to vehicles. We were gonna have to ride bikes to reach the Mtn. 7 miles and 1,800′ later, we were on skis, heading up….

Because I had footage from before and after such a big storm, I played around with this story and footage to illustrate (in real time) the extreme transformation a mountain environment can undergo in just a couple days time. Hopefully no one’s face melts off from the action….

Filmed mostly with my iPhone and GoPro’s….didn’t have much time to organize and/or carry extra gear on these adventures.

Maybe next time I’ll bring a Llama and some real camera gear….

Gear Used:

DJI Osmo & Phantom 4

Sony RX100iv

GoPro Hero 4



South of France

“iStep” – Johnny Fiasco