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PandaHAUS – The Story Of Jan Hudec: FlowPointTV S3 E5

Jan Hudec has a history of being fast….some days, he’s been the fastest human on the planet, on skis. He’s won World Cup Titles at Lake Louise CAN and Chamonix FRA…as well as a podium finish in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, along side Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht. Aside from being talented on snow, Jan is also a really nice guy…and he’s found a calling to do more than just try to be the best in the world on skis.
Jan Hudec took his nickname (Panda), his passion (skiing) and pooled his resources to create PandaHAUS, a social media platform that connects like minded people across the Globe. Its a “social paradigm shift” as he calls it…..a way to connect, mentor and support developing athletes/individuals around the World, and get them the resources they need to continue chasing their dreams.
Last February, we followed Jan around Europe for a week, as he and his team launched PandaHAUS. We were able to get him to sit still (actually, standing was as close as we got to sitting…) just long enough to share a bit of his own personal history, and why he felt the need to start PandaHAUS.
Take a peek inside the mind of a change maker, and one of the nicest guys out there….then share and help spread the word about PandaHAUS!!
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“Integrate” – Christopher Norman
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